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Lygia was born in Rio de Janeiro and educated in Niteroi, RJ-Brasil and came to Australia in 2006, living in Perth Hills, WA.
Lygia's background is in Librarianship and later in Holistic Therapy and Active Meditation.

She is a self-taught artist always using her natural artistic abilities to draw, to paint acrylic on canvas and on paper, watercolour and the use of charcoal to create her artworks what she has done since a teenager.

In 2008 Lygia makes a decision to dedicate more of her time to her creativity practice and created Made 4 You.
In July 2009 she had her first professional class she attended here in Australia. She learnt the printmaking techniques using collagraph print which she now develops with great success!

Through her work, playing with colours and textures, Lygia expresses her passion for the beautiful, colourful and cheerful nature around ... birds, flowers, trees and her strong connection with music gives her a lot of inspiration to create a new print.
She also loves drawing Mandalas! :)

She loves to choose some sweet message or proverb which reflects a meaning that exists in every print and gives them more embellishments.

Each work she finishes she feels gratitude and joy.  :)

Lygia has been participating in arts exhibition through Art Galleries such as Moores Building, Printmakers Association WA, Midland Junction Arts Centre and Army Art Exhibition.

She also has artworks at Artisan Store Fremantle,  Herb Circle, Mundaring Art Centre, Victoria Park Centre of the Arts and she has displayed to markets such as 3 in 1 Market, Kalamunda Artisan Markets, Made on the Left, Perth Makers Markets, Perth Upmarket, Artisan Collective, QV1 Christmas Market, The Vintage Colletctive.

You can find out more about Lygia's artworks online in:


Partnerships and Commissions

We hold regular workshops and we are regularly commissioned by public and private clients to design and create one off works for them.

Lygia creates beautiful engagement, birthday, baby shower, wedding invitations which is based on a limited edition original artwork created specially for the moment.
This print can also be purchased, framed and kept as a beautiful memento!

Original Artwork
If you have something specific in mind, you may want to think about commissioning an artwork. Work with Lygia on an idea that you want realized and made into an artwork that can become a part to embellish your home, or a precious gift to a loved one!

Please contact us to know more about it!  :)

Bellow some of Lygia's commissioned artworks.