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WELCOME to visit Made 4 You prints and designs!  



Lygia hopes you enjoy her artwork and shopping online!

Lygia has her studio at home and  all her artworks are specially MADE 4 YOU to decorate and embellish your place or as a gift to a friend!  
Lygia loves playing with colours and textures and she uses heaps of different shades which she mixes herself to create flowers, birds and landscapes around us.
Lygia's artworks include an exclusive range of handmade products such as original prints, acrylic on canvas and on paper, greeting cards, notebooks, calendars, uplifting messages, bookmarker, altered arts. Each print is created, designed, handcrafted and hand coloured one by one and available as framed or unframed in limited editions. The artworks are inspired by the beautiful natural of landscapes, flowers and birds, specially beija-flor, her favourite bird.        
She also loves drawing Mandalas!

You can find out more about Lygia's artworks online:

FACEBOOK: Made 4 You art studio